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Good decisions are based upon good information. Buying a home is, perhaps, the single largest financial and emotional decision of a lifetime. Below are FREE instructional reports designed to help you avoid the pitfalls and guide you through the important, home buying process successfully.

Home Buying 101   -   The Curriculum

FREE Educational, Home Buyer Reports & Resources

    1. Introduction To Home Buying
      A quick and simple overview of the home buying process.
    2. The Correct Way To Shop For A Home
      Thirteen Fundamental Steps To A Successful Home Purchase
    3. The HOME BUYER's Guide - 32 page printable PDF manual
      A chronological overview of the home buying process from start to finish
    4. Always Compare Apples To Apples
      Learn How Astute Home Buyers Compare Homes To Discover The "True Price"
      Use this simple search mechanism to find information about single family, condominium, co-op or multi-family homes in Westchester County, Putnam County, Dutchess County, Rockland County and Orange County, NY.
    6. Convenient Listing E-Mail Service
      Have a link to ALL the homes for sale in The Rivertowns e-mailed directly to you
    7. Eight Smart Questions To Ask Every Home Seller
      Innocent Sounding Questions Every Home Seller Hopes You Don't Ask
    8. How To Make A Successful Offer To Purchase
      How To Make An Offer That's Sure To Get Accepted
    9. LOW OFFERS - A Strategy For Success
      The Correct Way To Submit A Low Offer That A Homeowner Might Be Willing To Accept
    10. The New York State Sellers Property Condition Disclosure Law
      Know Your Rights & The Seller's Obligation Under This New York State Law
    11. Buyer Closing Costs
      A Sizable Amount Of Money That Needs To Be Included In Your Budget
    12. Residential Mortgage Strategies
      The Right Mortgage Can Save You As Much Money As The Right Purchase Price
    13. Congratulations! Your Offer Has Been Accepted
      The Sequence Of Events AFTER Your Offer Has Been Accepted
    14. The Closing Date. Does It Really Make A Difference?
      If Cash Flow Is An Issue, A Couple Of Days Can Make A Very Big Difference
    15. The Final Walk-Through Inspection
      Is It A Mere Formality Or An Important Step In The Home Buying Process?
    16. The Title Search & Title Insurance
      What Is It And What Or Who Is Covered?
    17. Uncle Sam Wants YOU To Buy A Home!
      The Federal Government Is Offering Rewards To Americans For Buying A Home
    18. Your Home - A Giant Municipal Bond With A Roof
      You Can Sell Your Home At A Profit And Not Pay A Dime In Taxes.
    19. A History Of American Home Financing
      A Chronology Of Federal Public Policy That Has Shaped
      The Way Homes Are Financed In The United States Today

    20. Helping Children Cope With The Stress Of Moving
      Moving Is One Of The Most Stressful Experiences Of A Lifetime
      Don't Assume That Your Children Will Automatically Adjust

    21. RENT TO OWN - An Overview Of Another Way To Purchase A Home
      Rent-To-Own Is a creative way to purchase a home by using a lease with an option to buy.
    22. Is NOW The Right Time To Buy?
      When Is The Best Time To Buy A Home?
    23. Important Real Estate Terminology You Need To Know
      A Comprehensive Eighteen Page Consumer Glossary From The Federal Trade Commission (PDF)
    24. Architectural Home Styles & Shapes
      A basic primer of the different styles & shapes of residential architecture
    25. About Our Communities
      If You Are Considering Living In The Rivertowns, This Is A "Must Read"
    26. About Our Schools
      Links To Information About The Rivertown School Districts


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