Lighting Improves The Value Of A Home
Lighting Is One Of The Best & Least Expensive Home Enhancements.
Money Spent On Lighting Will Provide An Excellent Return On Investment.

Reasons To Enhance The Lighting In Your Home

REASON #1: Light influences how people behave.
There are numerous scientific studies documenting the psychological and biological reasons for how light impacts human behavior, perceptions, emotions, mood, productivity, awareness and decision making.

Architects, interior designers, retailers, restaurateurs, hospitals & healthcare professionals, schools & educators, marketing professionals and commercial real estate developers all understand how influential lighting can be and they spent a great deal of time, money & effort maximizing lighting in their spaces.

Note: Lighting is an art & a science and people’s behavior can be influenced by means of intelligent use of lighting.

REASON #2: Properly illuminated homes are more appealing and are perceived as more spacious.

REASON #3: Buyers spend more time in well-lit homes and less time in poorly-lit homes.

REASON #4: Photographs of properly illuminated homes are more attractive.
Remember: Photographs are the first thing prospective buyers analyze before deciding whether to visit your home.

REASON #5: Money spent on lighting provides an excellent return on investment. (It is money well spent.)

5 Simple Tips To Enhance Lighting In Your Home

TIP #1: Maximize The Use Of Sunlight.
Natural sunlight is FREE. Sunlight energizes a home. Sunlight is the source of all life & energy. It impacts our most primal instincts.

  • Open (or remove) the drapes, curtains, shades and blinds
  • Trim trees & shrubs to allow more sunlight into the home

Buying a home is an emotional decision and nothing is warmer or more emotionally appealing than natural light. Sunlight makes a home appear cheerful and sunlight makes a home feel more attractive.

TIP #2: Replace All Burned Out Bulbs.

TIP #3: Recycle Existing Light - Use Reflective Surfaces
To maximize the light already in your home, use strategically placed mirrors to redirect & reuse existing light. White walls will also reflect and amplify light so that you will need fewer sources of light in order to achieve pleasant ambient light.

TIP #4: Lamps Do NOT Provide Enough Light

● Every Room Needs A Ceiling Fixture
Every room (& every area) of your home should have a ceiling light fixture controlled by a wall switch. Lamps are only meant to be used as accent or task lighting and are not meant to be used as the primary source of light in a room.

And yes, this includes the utility areas – Closets, garages, basements, workshops, laundries, attics & crawl spaces. These are important, value-adding areas of your home. Make sure they are clean & well-lit.

Light fixtures controlled by pull strings should be replaced with fixtures controlled by wall switches. Bare bulb fixtures are ugly and should be replaced with functional and more attractive light fixtures.

● Ceiling Fans With Light Fixtures Are NOT Ideal
These are nice compromises but they are a nightmare as the primary source of light in a room. If you already have a ceiling fan/light, consider installing separate switches for the fan & for the light. Visitors are NOT going to play “ceiling fan roulette” and guess which pull chain controls the light and which chain controls the fan.

● Consider Installing High Hat Light Fixtures
Installing high hat fixtures is a worthwhile expense. They provide good light distribution, they look sharp and they blend into almost any décor. As a result, they are suitable for any room.

TIP #5: Install Simple & Easy-To-Find Light Switches
If light switches are difficult to use or are difficult to locate, your efforts to provide attractive lighting will be wasted because the buyer’s agents just won’t turn on the lights.

Every room, hallway & area should have an easy-to-locate & simple wall switch at the entrance. Buyer’s agents need to be able to turn on the lights easily by throwing a switch at the entrance.

Note: Buyer’s agents are NOT going to walk across a room to turn on a lamp. If lamps are the sole source of light in a room, I guarantee the lights in that room will not be turned on by the agent.

Simple light switches are recommended. Exotic light switches & remote control light switches are NOT.

SUMMARY: People feel positive & comfortable in well-lit areas. If you want buyers to feel positive & comfortable in your home, make sure your home is well-lit.


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Licensed In NY and CT 914-681-5792 Specializing In Successful, Efficient, Problem-Free Home Sales

Contact Info
William Boeckelman

Associate Real Estate Broker

Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

6 Cedar Street
Dobbs Ferry  NY 10522

Licensed In NY and CT 914-681-5792 Specializing In Successful, Efficient, Problem-Free Home Sales